Every woman deserves to be a Pin-Up at least once in their life. To make sure you look your very best for this fanstastic experience a bit of planning and preparation is needed.
When selecting underwear a basque, baby doll, or corset will look great. If you decide to wear a bra and matching knickers keep in mind, that although we have props that we can strategically place, your tummy may be on show.
Please don't just empty your underwear draw into a bag on the day of the shoot and hope for the best.
Whatever you decide to wear, try it on before your shoot.
High heels look great. Coloured shoes show up better than black ones.
Stockings/hold ups are a must for the Pin-Up girl look. Its always a good idea to bring a spare pair. If you are bringing regular stockings, make sure your underwear has suspenders.
Eyebrows frame the eyes, so make sure yours are neatly plucked/waxed or threaded.
Please make sure your hair is freshly washed and dry.
Your hands will be on show so remember to paint your nails.
Ex-foliate & moisturise the night before and moisturise on the day.
Please don't apply your own fake tan the day before your shoot. Orange elbows and palms can spoil your photos!